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Your Next Creative Manager at Dragonfruit

Given Dragonfruit's position at the forefront of education, storytelling, and social video strategy, coupled with its commitment to partnering with transformative brands, my experience aligns seamlessly with the Creative Manager role. With 6 years in creative and client success management roles within a leading digital marketing agency, I have honed my ability to connect deeply with clients, understanding their vision and goals to drive transformative results.


My track record includes successfully coordinating high-volume social video content production for brands like VKTRY, Bird Dog Whiskey, and Delavie Sciences; ensuring on-brand deliverables, and fostering long-term client relationships. My strong communication skills, coupled with a knack for problem-solving and leadership, make me adept at guiding teams to execute strategic content creation workflows efficiently. Additionally, my passion for innovation and collaboration perfectly aligns with Dragonfruit's culture of continuous improvement and client-centricity. With a commitment to excellence and a drive to contribute to Dragonfruit's continued success, I am eager to leverage my skills to enhance client experiences and drive positive impact.

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